MT TAWS (Terrain Alert Warning System): Avoidance of Terrain Collision

Flying safely in unknown terrain

Does this ring a bell? You are flying in unknown terrain expecting a dead end or a sudden increase in height. Here MT TAWS is a helping hand. Terrain details in high resolution alert you about the dangers of collision – clearly and with colour codes always in relation to your flight altitude.
With MT TAWS you will arrive at your destination safely!

MT TAWS: colour coded warning against terrain collision

The own flight altitude is continuously compared with the digital terrain model: if during descent or a low level flight the terrain is approached, the colour code indicates higher elevated terrain.
The 3 colours red – amber – green explain the proximity levels intuitively.
Any possible „dead ends“ are visible at a glance before the return option is gone.

MT TAWS kominiert mit MT EFIS: Geländewarnung, Terrain und Anzeige der Fluglage

start  Dead End?                                          Climb Gradient?                                   Unknown Terrain?

MT TAWS: Geländewarnung über der Moving Map   MT TAWS: Geländewarnung auf dem MFD
Display of the terrain considered to be a danger over the basic map.   Display in the MFD mode.

More safety thru increased sampling rate

MT-TAWS: more safety thru increased sampling rate

Terrain Data filtering from the latest high resolution satellite earth scan. 






Individual configuration of altitude levels 

individual configuration of altitude levels

The altitude or proximity levels may be configured individually. You decide   which proximity should be coloured and displayed as hazard. Thus you see a maximum amount of map and are still informed about terrain hazards.

MT VisionAir displaying MT TAWS

The digital terrain model... based on very precise data: the resolution is up to 1 m for height and up to 50 m for the lateral dimension (conventional resolution: 900 m [0,5 NM]).

Additionally free of charge: terrain data visualized as freely zoomable chart continent - or worldwide

MT TAWS: beliebig zoombare Geländedaten weltweit   MT-TAWS: detaillierte Darstellung von Seen und Flüssen
MT TAWS can be used to generate an artificial terrain map. The analysis of the terrain structure is possible with the display of elevation using intuitively recognizable colours. As terrain data from all over the world are available, this module offers the possibility to have precise terrain maps even for very remote areas – always an option if the respective map material may be difficult to acquire.   In the improved MFD presentation waterbodies are visualized now, providing better orientation and position awareness.