MT IFR Package

Mt IFR Package


EFB (Electronic Flight Bag)

VFR+IFR JeppView Charts im MT-VisionAir


Always there: cleanly structured and always up-to-date JeppView charts. With them you are independent and able to plan your route everywhere.




Enroute layers and charts – worldwide or in Europe

The enroute airways are available in the MFD mode without further information and can be zoomed. In addition – and that is the most interesting combination – they can be laid over every map - this enhances the map to an enroute or airway chart.

Enroute Layer auf der artifiziellen Geländekarte

Enrote Layer auf der ICAO Karte

Enroute Layer over the artificial map Enroute Layer over the ICAO Europe chart
  Plain Enroute Layer   
   Plain Enroute Layer  

The excellent combination of VFR and IFR

Everything necessary for flying a combined IFR/VFR mission is displayed at a glance at a single display – individual chart and database information.
Prepare your flight and study the charts at home. Then just snap the unit into the Easy Mount in your cockpit. Now you are prepared for maximum position awareness.

Always a challenge: the IFR pickup

Do you always find the nearest IFR Pickup Point on the VFR chart at a glance when starting from a non IFR airfield? Yes. The VisionAir combines enroute layer with the selected VFR Map.


All waypoints of a routing are listed with further information. In combination with MT-BlitzPlan automatically generated routings are filled into MT-FMS by the touch of a button. The route can be displayed on different charts as well as isolated in the MFD mode. Speed, time, course and distance to next waypoint and destination are computed automatically.

Moving Terrain lays the foundations for your paperless cockpit

Paperless Cockpit mit Moving Terrain


The mobile EFB – quickly stowed, quickly operational

The Mobile EFB from Moving Terrain

Small, manageable and compact – yet all the important information you need for an IFR-flight. The EFB can be used mobile for maximum flexibility.

Your advantages

  • Paperless cockpit.
  • All JeppView charts are always with you, immediately available and properly sorted.
  • Flight planning with MT-BlitzPlan at the push of a button.
  • Uncomplicated updates via USB stick.
  • Significant reduction of preflight effort and time.

The Cockpit integrated EFB – the professional Solution

The Cockpit Integrated EFB from Moving Terrain  

Your advantages

  • Professional appearance
  • No loose cables
  • Peripherals are easier to connect