The modular concept

Decide yourself what you really need – Moving Terrain gives you the free choice of options

Our concept

  • Creates space in the panel.
  • Makes "scanning" in the cockpit easier - everything that belongs together is superimposed in one MFD.
  • Individual combination, simple upgrades.
  • You only pay for components and functions you really need.


Das Modulare Konzept: MT Moving Map MT Terrain EFIS Das Modulare Konzept: MT Satellite Radar

MT Moving Map

incl. ICAO chart Europe, VFR NavData (plus VFR reproting points), MT Rotating Map Function as well as MT Track Recording & MT Logbook.

MT Terrain EFIS

Realtime 3D Moving Map as artificial horizon in the cockpit.

MT Satellite Radar

A realistic, high definition radar picture transmitted via satellite directly into the cockpit without onboard radar.

Das Modulare Konzept: MT BlitzPlan

MT VisionAir X EFB

Das Modulare Konzept: MT FMS

MT BlitzPlan

Real time IFR flight planning in the cockpit with preflight documentation: W&B, Fuel Calculation, MET Briefing, NOTAMs and flightlog.

MT IFR Package

with  Electronic Flight Bag incl. Enroute Layer Europe.


Import of your route from MT BlitzPlan at the push of one button.

Das Modulare Konzept: MT TAWS Das Modulare Konzept: MT TCAS Das Modulare Konzept: MT EFIS


High definition terrain warning system with vertical profile and precise terrain data worldwide as zoomable moving map. 


Collision warning: display of Avidyne signals with indication of relative height and trend vector.


Electronic Flight Information System: artificial horizon without gyros or sensors. The ultra precise EGNOS-GPS data combined with MT DSS technology is sufficient.

MT Stormscope

Das Modulare Konzept: MT Track Recording

MT Autopilot Interface auf dem MFD

MT Stormscope (WX 500)

Display of strikes in relation to the flight route in the head up mode with detection of lightning and wind shears.

MT Track Recording and Logbook

Recording the flight route allows a postflight review. Date, take off and landing time are automatically tracked.

Autopilot Interface*

- Direct: flying a course line to destination.
- Route: flying routes.
Smart interceptions without "overshoot".
- Heading Hold: keeping given heading
- Altitude Hold: pilot interface for vertical funktion

* non-certified, for experimental use only.
Das Modulare Konzept: MT Camera Das Modulare Konzept: MT Obstacle Layer mms screen

MT Camera

Display of high quality camera pictures (e.g. FLIR camera).

MT Obstacle Layer

Display of obstacles with coloured icons on the map: power lines, cable cars and pipelines.


Locating and Tracking via Satellite Communication: the „lifeline“  between HEMS dispatch center and helicopter.



NVG Compatibility

Switching to NVG operation works on the push of a button. The MT-VisionAir X can be used with Night Vision Goggles.