MT-BlitzPlan – Instant IFR Flight Planning in the Cockpit 

Easy flightplan submission

With MT-BlitzPlan from Moving Terrain you work out your flightplan in the aircraft and activate it – while starting up or if necessary even airborne. From the decision to fly 2 minutes to actual Startup. „Start up and Fly“ – in the world of flying that is unique.

cockpit c210 blitzplan

1. Input of data

2. The routing is automatically generated within 45 sec!

You have a 100% CFMU valid routing

3. Activate the flightplan with CFMU at the push of a button and simultaneously insert it into your FMS.

MT-BlitzPlan – a really useful Flightplanning Tool?

Lange Wartezeiten ohne MT BlitzPlan  
Sofort Ready to take off mit MT BlitzPlan

Without MT-BlitzPlan


With MT-BlitzPlan

  • Rejected“ Routings
  • Waiting Time
  • AIS charges for flightplans that are checked in from abroad.
  • Research for AIS numbers or communications (telephone, fax, e-mail)
  • External routing program required
  • Struggling with RAD and CDR
  • 100% valid and CFMU-conform routings that can not be rejected
  • Time saving
  • Flightplan is filed in a flash and is immediately available to the tower and the control sectors concerned
  • Connection to the MT-server and Eurocontrol via GSM or satellite
  • Minimized costs for guaranteed correct routings
  • Flightplan and routing are sent to the pilot via e-mail and SMS.
  • No more arduous input of data, automatic transfer of the routing to the FMS
  • RAD and CDR have not to be considered anymore

Features of MT-BlitzPlan

  • Flightplan archive
  • Multi-Aircraft Licence
  • Visualization of the route over the Europe Overview Chart
  • JAR/OPS-conform flightlog with W&B, Fuel Calculation, METARs, TAFs and NOTAMs for DEP, DEST and ALT.
  • Professional dial-up-server for up to 10 simultaneous connections.
  • Flightplan status
  • Eurocontrol + SLOT Messages
  • Adaption of the route to your needs by optional Pickup Point, Inflight Entry & Termination and Forced Overfly Points
  • Flightplan visualization via Google Maps and Google Earth

Flightplan-Submission 2 Minutes before takeoff

Eingabe der Flugplan Daten

Enter flightplan data or load a preset.

MT BlitzPlan sucht ein valides Routing

MT-BlitzPlan finds a valid route allowing for CDR and RAD.

Programmierung der Route ins FMS

The route is shown on a map and programmed into the FMS automatically. The flightplan can be activated instantly.

Der Flugplan liegt sofort dem Tower vor.

The flightplan is immediately available for the tower and all sector controllers concerned.

In 2 Minuten: ready to take off

Ready for takeoff in 2 minutes.

Complete IFR Preflight Documentation for IFR flight preparation in the cockpit

Die komplette Dokumentation zur IFR Flugvorbereitung

MT-BlitzPlan and the ramp-check

All calculations and documentations regarding IFR-flightplanning are visible inside the aircraft and clearly provable. The complete system by one supplier: MT- BlitzPlan with full automatic routing that at the same time delivers complete flightplan documentation.

IFR flightplan-activating in the cockpit
MT-BlitzPlan creates a 100% CFMU conform, non rejectable routing.

Transmission in your MT FMS
Complete routing and the additional flightlog are entered automatically into your MT FMS. SIDs, STARs and APPROACHes may be added.

Active Routing
Clear display of the route over the chart.

Weight & Balance
Weight & Balance are calculated immediately for the corresponding flight. The CGs as well as the weight at Take Off and landing are displayed graphically in the limit diagram.

MT BlitzPlan: Weight & Balance

Fuel and Performance
Calculations of Fuel and Performance are done by the push of a button.

MT BlitzPlan: Fuel Calculation

MT-BlitzPlan provides automatically METAR/TAF for DEP, DEST, ALT as well as NOTAMs – before Take Off and enroute before landing.

SLOT information can be loaded into the MT VisionAir and received automatically via sms on demand.

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2 Options with MT-BlitzPlan

A. Plan your flight directly from the aircraft


B.  Let your flight be „dispatched“ from the office

e.g. your OPS plans the flight and sends it to the aircraft FMS
MT BlitzPlan - Flugplanung direkt im Cockpit   MT BlitzPlan Web - Flugplanung im Internet (z.B. OPS)