Moving Map

Moving Map on MT VisionAir


  • large chart selection of all European Moving Maps for Aviation
    • custom chart feature
    • extensive flight planning option
    • obstacle layer
  • Direct vector to destination or next waypoint
  • more safety: Nearest Airport function, giving a choice of 3 nearest airports with display of identifier, distance, altitude and radio frequency.
    A Direct guides to the Nearest Airports.

Moving Map with FMS (Flight Management System)
Flight relevant information


  • Flight Management for VFR flights
    • display of route and route segments on all charts, highlighting the active legs
    • extensive VFR/IFR database with VOR`s, NDB`s Airports and Airport Information including telephone numbers 
    • almost unlimited user database (64000 WPT`s and 64000 routes possible)
  • automatic computation of speed, time, course to next WPT and destination
  • FMS and routing feature also in the freely zoomable MFD mode:

MT Flight Management System

Advanced Flight Guidance – the 3 dimensional emergency guidance system

The NEAREST as DIRECT: This „Highway in the Sky“ will guide you to the runway threshold of any airport
or even airfield.

Advanced Flight Guidance