MT-EFIS – An Artificial Horizon without Sensor

For fixed winged aircraft (not for helicopters)

Impossible? Check yourself!

Live Video: Flying with MT-EFIS

What is MT-EFIS?

MT-EFIS (Electronic Flight Information System) displays an artificial horizon without using any gyroscopes and additional sensors. The exact WAAS/EGNOS GPS data in combination with the Dynamic Synchronous Simulator (DSS) technology developed by Moving Terrain are sufficient to reverse compute the attitude from the flightpath.

 MT-EFIS: The ideal backup without wear!

MT EFIS - an artificial Horizon without Gyros or Sensors

All additional information at a glance

  • Horizon/Attitude
  • Altitude (True)
  • Climb and sink rate
  • QNH determination
  • Angle Of Attack (AOA)
  • Flight Path Angle
  • Track (Magnetic)
  • Groundspeed
  • Speed trend in 10 sec.
  • Rate of Turn

Angle of Attack (AOA)

Avoid stalls by visualising the angle of attack. Particularly while flying through terrain in tight turns you are warned before any loss of lift at a glance.

Flight Path Angle

This display illustrates the vertical flight path. The climb and descent behaviour is displayed.

Digital Radar Altitude (DRA)

The Digital Radar Altitude (DRA) displays the relative height of your aircraft based on the digital terrain model. The visualization is similar to a rising runway.

Inflight QNH

New: board-autonomous QNH determination for any overflown territory, after reading true Altitude in combination with the the precise WAAS/EGNOS GPS.


MT-EFIS may be used as a stand-by horizon for the conventional on-board System. Added safety in the event of horizon or suction failure. With MT-EFIS even ultra-light aircraft have the opportunity to upgrade cost-effectively.


  • In the post-stall area
  • In strong crosswinds and low true air speed (e.g. helicopter)
  • In yawing motion (e.g. engine failure on twin aircraft)
  • Non-certified, for information only