Nav Waypoint Page: IFR + VFR Waypoints

Combined (worldwide) VFR/IFR Database (standard on every MT system)

The VFR/IFR database is also of interest for strict VFR flights since IFR fixes are increasingly used for reference while flying VFR in many countries.

  • Enroute Fix Waypoints
  • APTs
    • Airport
    • Airport altitude (Europe)
    • Frequencies(Europe)
    • Heading and surface of runway(s) (Europe)
    • ILS(Europe)
    • Telephone numbers (as far as published in AIP, Europe)
    • Coordinates (world)
  • VORs and NDBs with frequency

A user database is simultaneously available for your own waypoints (up to 64.000 possible).


Combined Chart and/or Data Layer Aspect

With the VFR/IFR database and the airway database containing airports, airways and navaids a transparent layer can be laid over every chart.

 Plain Enroute Layer

Plain Enroute Layer