IFR Charts

The JeppView approach charts of your coverage can be displayed on the MT VisionAir X. Excellent: the
connection IFR / VFR through Enroute Layer over the original VFR chart (e. g. ICAO Europe).

JeppView Charts

All charts are in one database. Using the preview function you select the right chart even easier.


SIDs (Standard Instrument Departures)

SID - Standard Instrument Departure

JeppView - SID: not true to scale


STARs (Standard Arrival Routes)

STAR: Standard Arrival Routes

JeppView - STAR: not true to scale



Approach Chart


APTs (Airports)

Airport Chart


Enroute Layer - the connection IFR / VFR

Plain Enroute Layer
Plain Enroute Layer

Enroute Layer als Overlay auf der ICAO Karte 
Enroute Layer over the ICAO chart Europe