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Download our free app for your iPhone/iPad or Android phone and route & activate your flightplans from anywhere.

Free Tools for every route:

  1. Flightplan Visualizer (Route on GoogleMaps with current radar picture, weather along the route, route on Google Earth)
  2. AIP Terminal Procedure Viewer on Google Earth
  3. MT-Track Viewer (Review real flights flown with MT-VisionAir on Google Earth)


MT-BlitzPlan via Internet: THE time saver

File a routing and submit your flightplan online – afterwards load the route into your MT-VisionAir. You are ready for takeoff without hours of preparation.

Alternatively you can do the flightplanning via your MT-VisionAir directly in the aircraft .

Further Application: Dispatch and Operation Center

Let your flight be "dispatched" by your OPS, just like "commercial operators"

Flightplanning with MT BlitzPlan OPS