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The new Generation: MT VisionAir X

>Die X'er Generation – die Lösung für jeden Piloten

The essentials in brief


  • Impressive 3D graphic.
  • Option: highend touchscreen.
  • Brilliant: high contrast screen even in direct sunlight.
  • Rugged and lightweight: only 580 gramm.
  • Built-in GPS and antenna with latest SiRF IV technology.
  • Built for long term mobility and complete backup cockpit: battery change during operation due to our parallel system.
  • Highly efficient cooling: extended temperature operation.
  • Ultra fast data transfer through 3G/UMTS technology.
  • Geared for future communication.
  • Dimensions (w x h x d): 157mm x 126mm x 30mm.
  • Screen: 6,5" with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixel.
  • DO160 certified.
  • Effective cable routing: input and supply with one central connector.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Uncomplicated: online update.
  • Packed with possibilities: you decide what you really need.

MT VisionAir X Back

The X'th Generation – THE solution for every pilot


Overview Packages*

* If required, modules can be added to the packages.


MT VisionAir X LSA
MT VisionAir X MFD Light
MT VisionAir X MFD
MT VisionAir X EFB
MT VisionAir X Heli
MT VisionAir Standard x     x  
MT VisionAir EP
(Extended Perfomance)
  x x   x
Batteries       x  
Easy Mount   x      

Moving Map x x x x x
MT Terrain EFIS   x x   x
MT IFR Package     x x  
MT BlitzPlan     x x  
MT TAWS     x   x
MT TCAS     x    
MT Obstacle Layer         x
MT Satellite Radar     x    
Motorola Iridium SatPhone 9555     x    
ICAO Karte Europe   x x x x
VFR Approach Plates (DFS) x       x
JeppView VFR Approach Charts   x x    
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MT VisionAir X EFB MT VisionAir X Heli MT VisionAir X LSA MT VisionAir X MFD Light MT VisionAir X MFD