EFB Electronic Flight BagMT VisionAir X EFB – Electronic Flight Bag



A mobile EFB in a class of its own: IFR flight planning with MT-BlitzPlan,
charts and navigation – on a battery powered system.

Up-to-date and well structured JeppView Charts: due to intuitive menu the display shows exactly the charts that are suitable for your flight situation.

Lightweight: only 580g.


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MT VisionAir X EFB: the right package for IFR pilots.

The compact lightweight system (only 580g) is especially suitable for mobile use. This is very useful for charter pilots who can rely on their Moving Terrain in every cockpit. Thanks to the "Easy online Update" you always use  up-to-date charts.


 lowi split

Highway in the Sky - improved flight guidance.

Semi-transparent cubes offer more directional indication, the Flight Path Indicator (displayed as ACFT symbol) shows the trend of the flight path depicting the future position 10sec ahead. Very helpful for precision approaches.


The EFB Package includes

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Battery Option MT BlitzPlan MT IFR Package MT VisionAir X Moving Map

Individual Upgrading Possiblities

Easy Mount Zur Installation des MT VisionAir X im Panel oder für den mobilen Einsatz  

JeppView VFR Approach Charts

  MT Terrain EFIS

Easy Mount

Professional Aircraft
Equipment for mounting
MT VisionAir X
in the panel
or for mobile use



VFR Approach Charts


MT Terrain EFIS

Realtime 3D Moving Map
as artificial horizon
in the cockpit.


 MT TAWS: Geländewarnsystem und weltweit präzise Geländedaten als beliebig zoombare Moving Map


MT TCAS: Kollisionswarnung mit Angabe der relativen Höhe und Trendvektor

   MT Satellite Radar: ein realitätsnahes, hochaufgelöstes , satellitenübertragenes Radarbild direkt ins Cockpit


Terrain Alert Warning
System and
worldwide digital
terrain model



Collision warning
with indication of
relative height
and trend vector


MT Satellite Radar

A realistic, high-resolution,
radar picture
directly into the cockpit