Moving Terrain for Fixed Winged Aircraft

Focus your attention on important things

cockpit flche

Flying requires the pilot‘s utmost concentration. The Moving Map and its modules were developed in order to
best support you on your flight. You need not struggle any more to gather all information from various devices
in the cockpit and put them in relation to one another. All important information, whether they be VFR or IFR,
are neatly combined on one multi-function display.

I. Fields of Application

I.1. Air Taxi

air taxi 1 air taxi 2

No matter if  VFR- or IFR- flight - all important information are available at one Multi-Function-Display.


I.2. Private and business flights


Enjoy the flight. The MT VisionAir X is your reliable companion.

II. Flight situations

II.1. Icing

vereisung 1 vereisung 2

A cloud with high condensations content shows, if subcooled, a high freezing potential.

MT-Satellite Radar: the semi-transparent overlay of radar on charts of different type and scale enables the parallel use of
Moving Map and radar. Icing can be avoided for the most part by consequent circumnavigation of areas of heavier precipitation
or condensation.

II.2. VFR „on top“ - VFR above scattered clouds

vfr top 1 vfr top 2

Moving Terrain provides the contact with the ground – precise and neat on the VFR map Airspaces, prohibited areas,
alternative routes – the moving map immediately transmits all important information 

II.3. Flying in heavy traffic

start tcas 

Air Traffic Warning for early recognition of dangerous situations – your window through the clouds.
The air traffic appears with coloured symbols - corresponding to the danger intension - at the Multi-Function-Display.
This saves valuable seconds in the critical moment.

III. Terminal Procedures

III.1. Standard Instrument Departures


To Scale SIDs optimize orientation.

Standard Instrument Departure JeppView MT


III.2. Enroute  

cockpit enroute enroute 2

The luxurious FMS: the route is displayed scaled over the map. At the same time the MT VisionAir X calculates permanently
current position, direction, distance and time to the next waypoint, DCT and destination. 

III.3. Approach

Highway in the Sky - improved flight guidance

anflug 1 anflug 2

Semi-transparent tubes offer more directional indication, the Flight Path Indicator shows the trend of the flight path.
Very helpful for precision approaches.


III.4. Airport Chart

Taxi charts guide on ground (speed < 65kt).

Airport Chart auf dem MT Vision Air X


You may find the new MT VisionAir X most suitable for your flight operation

Light Sport Aircraft

MT VisionAir X

(Light Sport Aircraft)

Classic - Proven Technology

MT VisionAir X
MFD light

(Multi Function Display)

MFD - Multi Function Display

MT VisionAir X

(Multi Function Display)

EFB - Electronic Flight Bag

MT VisionAir X

(Electronic Flight Bag)