MT VisionAir X – Twinpack

Position awareness in every situation

With 2 MT VisionAir X systems in your cockpit you have all the information available you need in difficult or critical situations. No need to switch between the 2 different views, but everything visible simultaneously.

tucano mit 2 mt

System 1 with MT Terrain EFIS

the original chart displayed in 3D, combined with the real time attitude - perfect Situational Awareness.

System 2 with 2D view

displays all information of the further route and allows smart planning.

Flight in bad weather conditions over the Walensee (Switzerland)

foto walensee bw

Visibility range enhancement needed???

topo walensee walensee 2d
Display in 3D (MT Terrain EFIS) with real time flight attitude 2D view of further flight route


Night approach to Innsbruck (LOWI)

vax efb 2

vax efb 
3D view of Final Approach  2D view of the approach plate with vertical profile