Moving Terrain Videos

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MT Obstacles

MT Obstacles: Hinderniswarnung für ganz EuropaObstacle warning for whole of Europe:
>> cables and obstacles above 25m
>> Original illustration with icons
>> obstacles synchronous in 2D and 3D






MT Terrain EFIS

MT Terrain EFIS: 3D Moving Map mit Anzeige der Fluglage3D display of aviation charts, added by
the real time flight attitude - without gyro.





MT Relief Dynamics

MT Relief Dynamics: Synthetic Vision + originale Flugkarten

MT Relief Dynamics: 3D Moving Map in the cockpit

Synthetic Vision combined with orignal pilot charts







MT-EFIS: artificial horizon

MT EFIS: an artificial horizon without gyros or sensors. Works with GPS only - completely solid state!

The ideal backup for vacuum and gyro failure.





MT-Satellite Radar


MT Satellite Radar: unique in Europe since 2001: realistic satellite transmitted radar picture directly into the cockpit´s MFD.







 MT-VisionAir by LOOP

MT-VisionAir by LOOP

Quick look MT-VisionAir.

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Filmed and Edited: Helen Rowalnds-Beers / Loop