MT Panel Planner

Send us a photo of your cockpit panel including the requests for an installation of your new Moving Terrain system: office [at] moving-terrain [dot] de

  • Where would you like to place the system?
  • Which other systems in the panel are avoidable?
  • Your name and address?
  • Your phone number for queries from our side?

We submit you our proposal for an installation in your cockpit. This service from Moving Terrain is free of charge!

Installation examples

Cockpit C182

PanelPlaner Cockpit C182


Cockpit Extra EA-400

PanelPlaner Cockpit Extra EA-400


Cockpit Tiger AG-5B

PanelPlaner  Cockpit Tiger AG-5B


Cockpit Mooney

PanelPlaner Cockpit Mooney


Cockpit Bonanza

PanelPlaner Cockpit Bonanza