MT VisionAir X Software Releases

Following described versions of the Moving Terrain software contain the main developments with their improvements.

Version X.1

  • MT Relief Dynamics
    • Relief = 3D terrain relief in combination with original aviation charts
    • Dynamics = 3D chart with cockpit's perspective, permanently updated via GPS
  • Obstacle data laid over 3D terrain

Version X.2

  • software improvements MT Satellite Radar
  • software improvements MT Blitzplan
  • handling improvements internal simulator

Version X.3

  • optional touchscreen
  • handling improvements User Waypoints
  • software improvements MT TAWS
  • software improvements chart selection

Version X.4

  • MT MMS (Mission Management System)
  • handling improvements MT Blitzplan

Version X.5

  • Split Screen for MT Terrain EFIS
  • MT Satellite Radar Enhanced with coverage for whole Europe
  • New Full Screen Layout in main menu
  • import of VFR routings from external sources (e.g. Skydemon)

Version X.6

  • MT Obstacle Europe - obstacle data 25m and higher over ground for whole Europe in 2D and 3D
  • Hardware ID check for updates
  • Online Updates for subscriptions, charts, software etc.