Moving Terrain AG

A reliable and competent partner in aviation since 1993


Moving Terrain is founded as GmbH in Munich. Initially a Moving Map software version on the basis of a Windows operating system is developed.


The first complete MT system on the market: MT-Cockpit I – a black box with separate display. This device must be installed permanently in the cockpit.


MT-Multi Mobil: a handy, portable device system with simplified operation.
MT-Cockpit II: a further development of MT-Cockpit I, fitted upright into the standard ARINC slot.


MT-Ultra: mobile or fitted into the ARINC slot. Due to the optimized relation between screen and device size the limited space in the panel is optimally used.
The entire fleet of the Swiss Air Rescue (Rega) is fitted with Moving Terrain.


MT-Ultra Professional TSO, certified according to JTSO C113 as multi-function display, tested and certified according to DO 160 Environmental Criteria.


Consistent restructuring of the MT software: Windows is replaced with a faster and more reliable operating system, the software is restructured and improved.


Involvement of investors in MT GmbH and change of the company status from GmbH to Moving Terrain AG.


Development of the MT-VisionAir with its possibilities as MFD system and linking to various external sensors. Suitable for the device system the modular concept was developed. To the end of 2001 roughly 800 systems were sold.
The entire EIS fleet (11 military target towing aircraft) are fitted with MT systems.


Market launch of MT-VisionAir.
Due to its modular structure the basic device may be adjusted completely to the pilots‘ individual requirements: various software components may be added, e.g. FMS, IFR planning and many more, so that each pilot can upgrade the device standard according to his flight skills.


MT-Satellite Radar: the cost-efficient alternative for the display of radar pictures proves to be a huge success as additional module for MT customers as well as decisive criterion for the purchase of an MT system.


Development of an ultra-bright screen providing high contrast & clear display even in direct sun and a extremely large lateral viewing angle. The upgrade from existing MT- VisionAir systems is easy.
MT-Electronic Flight Bag: original Jeppesen SIDs, STARs, Approaches and APTs with Moving Map functions on the MT MFD - a break-through for professional aviation!
Certification of the MT-VisionAir EP TSO according to ETSO C113 as multi-function display, tested and certified according to D160 Environmental Criteria.
13 UNO helicopters are flying in Chad/Sudan with Moving Terrain.


Development of MT-TAWS: high-resolution terrain data warning against the danger of terrain collision. The data may be used as warning system or to illustrate an artificial terrain map.
Development of the enroute layer in cooperation with Eurocontrol data release.


MT-VisionAir III with the possibility of an integrated GPS/ GMS module.
Development of MT-BlitzPlan: submission of flight plans directly from the Moving Terrain devices. At the same time establishment of an Internet service website for the submission of flight plans. At the EurAvia in Cannes MT-BlitzPlan is awarded the „Invention of the Year“.


Version 7.0 of the software is published and can thus be operated significantly more easily and faster.
MT-BlitzPlan exceeds all expectations and becomes an invaluable support for the submission of flight plans directly from the MT-VisionAir as well as online. Flight plans may be transmitted between office and cockpit.
MT offers ongoing intensive pilot trainings. In May 2007 we hit our first milestone: 100 pilots completed our 1 day course of instruction for the MT system.


MT-BlitzPlan 2.0 with improved functions & further features enters the market and attracts huge interest, both nationally and internationally.
MT-EFIS is published as first horizon functioning without gyroscope and additional sensors.


MT-BlitzPlan is continuously being improved. Directly from the cockpit – paperless – the entire JAR/OPS documentation is available: Weight & Balance, Fuel Calculation, ACFT Performance, METARs, TAFs and NOTAMs for the complete route.
MT-Passenger Entertainment and Information System enters the market. It provides a native resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and a viewing angle of 85° to each side, even from above and below.


Programming and implementation of 2 new interfaces for displaying traffic detected by ZAON or FLARM on the MT-VisionAir.
Improved MT TAWS: waterbodies are visualized now and safety is increased by crosschecking of 2 indepentend databases.
The Tharsys Converter allows to display MT-VisionAir signals on THALES displays in EC 135, EC 145 and EC 155.
MT-BlitzPlan is extended: 1. FPL-Visualizer, 2. AIP Charts, 3. AIP Terminal Procedure Viewer and  4. MT-Track Viewer. 

2011 and 2012

Original, georefenced IFR Charts directly out of AIP Europe, usable as "flyable" GPS Chart on MT VisionAir.
MT VisionAir X enters the market. Ther X'th generation ist faster, lighter, flatter, brighter and technical up-to-date and is available in 5 versions (LSA, MFD Light, MFD, EFB und Heli).
3D Visualisation in the cockpit with MT Relief Dynamics: 3D Terrain data are overlaid with original pilot charts.


MT-Terrain EFIS: unique: 3D Chart as Artificial Horizon - in Real Time. Synchronized display of 2D and 3D chart >> perfect Situation Awareness w.r.t. position and flight attitude, perfect perception thru split-screen. Independant ! of on board power and on board sensor systems.

Advanced Flight Guidance – the 3-dimensional emergency guidance system. The NEAREST as DIRECT: this „Highway in the Sky“ will guide you to the runway threshold of any airport or even airfield.

The new ZOOM function: define the priority of chart selection yourself. As soon as the zoom factor of a chart exceeds 200% the next chart of the defined list will be loaded automatically. When zooming back the previous chart will be reloaded.


MT Satellite Radar Enhanced: the radar coverage all over Europe is now available.

MT VisionAir X ETSO: certified referring to  ETSO C113 F as Multi-Function-Display, tested and certified referring to DO 160 F Environmental Criteria.