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Paolo Buzzi, Aircraft Extra 500, subject: Radar Downloads with the Thuraya XT-PRO Satellite Phone

The radar downloads work well with my Thuraya. I put the phone over the cockpit with the antenna pointed to approx. 140 degrees. Of course in southbound flights it works better than in northbound flights, as you have a bigger skyview. For example,when going to Sweden you are on the border of the Thuraya working zone and you have to be more patient as the downloads take more time. But overall with the Thuraya the radar downloads work fine, much much better than with the Iridium.

Werner Heilos  -  CEO Flight Service Heilos & Heilos GbR, subject: MT-Satellite Radar Enhanced

screenshot heilos

... a screenshot of my today´s flight from EDLV - EDFB with greetings to the team. Today MT has already helped... Regards W. Heilos

Martin Stucki  -  CEO Marenco Swiss Helicopter AG, subject: MT-VisionAir X in the SKYe SH09

MT-VisionAir X has joined the SKYe SH09 at its first flight in October 2014.

Excerpt of Mr. Stucki: „in every helicopter a MT-VisionAir X should be installed“.

130221 cockpit lake print klein

Andreas Gafner  -  CEO, helicopter pilot  -  Swiss Skyways, subject: new Zoom Function

Dear Moving Terrain team,

the new Zoom-Funktion, the automatic change from one chart to the next larger or smaller one is a very positive support for the work in the cockpit. Due to the fast handling via plus and minus buttons the „Eyes in“-time (view into the cockpit) is reduced to a minimum and increases the situational awareness regarding air space and air traffic enormous. The choice of the chart that has to be used is supported a lot by this feature - searching and choosing the right chart becomes unnecessary. An absolutely perfect step into the right direction in a time where the workload regarding handling of cockpi tinstruments increases a lot. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

gafner 1 klein

Volker Schülke, Aircraft EC120, subject: MT VisionAir X

MT VisionAir X is super. It is great to work with. Resolution and brightness of the display are excellent, even in bright light.

Steffen Müller, Aircraft Cessna 172, subject: MT VisionAir X

The operation of the MT VisionAir X system is good, in particular the visualization. The integrated GPS antenna module enables a quick positioning on the display in my Cessna 172. With the battery pack you are no longer dependant on an external power supply.

Fred Schellhorn & Dr.Matthias Katz, subject: pilot training

We wish to express our satisfaction and thanks for the invitation to your pilot training course. It was very well organized and performed. From airport pickup, location, room, lunch, course, material, and airport return. And we felt well and learned a lot and feel now competent with our MT unit. We also got to test some of the features and modes on our flight back home.Our sincere complements to the staff of Moving Terrain for their excellent preparation and instruction.They both did an wonderful job explaining and working with us to understand the functions and features of the MT unit. And wish them all the best for their future training courses.

Mr. Bebriss - Director of GM Helicopters, subject: MT-TAWS

In April 2009 I overflew Turkey South to North (Tabriz, Iran - Samsun) in our MI8 Helicopter on a long return trip from Myanmar to Latvia.

It was actually the first flight with our Moving Terrain system on board, which I had brought with me by Airline to Myanmar. I was very curious whether the Mapping we had purchased from Moving Terrain AG was really complete for this long route. The weather was generally good. As our route led me via Tabriz to Samsun the weather conditions had turned significant. We managed to go thru weather safely and we used the Navigation System in conjunction with the Terrain Alert and Warning System. Having decades of experience in MI8 Helicopter in many continents and countries with an excellent safety record we could have done the trip of course without a modern tool like this. But for comfort reason, it made the flight still safer because we could monitor actual height to terrain and obstacles ahead as well.

It would have been still better if we had the latest database which the company offers for the Middle East and Far East now, but still it was complete and fully reliable.

Mr. Leibundgut - Chief Pilot Helicopter REGA (Switzerland), subject: MT-TAWS

Since 2005 Rega has enhanced the electronic charts by MT-TAWS, the Terrain Alert Warning System following pilots recommendation after an initial test phase. Skilled and responsible rescue pilots use it to judge on the safe conduct of the flight mission - especially if the distances exceed the local base area more than 30 or 50 miles. We used it for night and day operations in conjunction with the high resolution database provided by MT. The overall opinion of our flight crews is that TAWS enhances our safety of flight.

Mr. Kimmerle, Aircraft: Beech Turbine, subject: MT-Satellite Radar

Dokumentation MT Satellite Radar"We bought the MT VisionAir mainly because of MT-Satellite Radar. On our flight yesterday the system showed what it is worth. See the documentation of this flight from Augsburg to Orleans. Hier eine kleine Dokumentation dieses Flugs von Augsburg nach Orleans unter erschwerten Bedingungen."


Mr. Brill, subject: MT Airport Charts 

Chicago Midway

 "Why paper charts? I was really glad to have the chart in my system in Chicago Midway!"



Flugsportverein Herrenberg e.V., Mr. Link, subject: decision reasons for Moving Terrain

"We included 4 systems of different manufacturers into our considerations. The following issues were important for the evaluation:

usability, available chart material, readability of the display, extendability, certification, size and market share of the enterprise as well as innovation power.

Finally the following points lead to the decision for Moving Terrain:

  • Softkeys instead of touchscreen
    here we see a clear advantage in handling it in the aircraft
  • the possibility to integrate JeppView approach charts for whole Europe
  • ICAO chart material for whole Europe."

Mr. Steiner, Aircraft: Mooney, subject: MT-BlitzPlan

"Thank you very much for your support. Except rare handling problems your program is the best I have ever seen. Last Thursday I had 10 minutes until sunset. Thanks to Blitzplan I was airborne in time."

Mr. Hebold, Aircraft: Mooney, subject: MT-Blitzplan

"I just have to say it again: I am soooo delighted. Today I planned my flight to Brittany in just 3 minutes. With BlitzPlan it is fantastic. If you haven't seen it you won't believe it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Mr. Breu, Avionik Straubing, subject: MT-Satellite Radar

Avionik Straubing "At Avionik Straubing we have already gained considerable experience in the installation of satellite telephones in various aircraft types. The Moving Terrain satellite radar uses the modem functionality of the Iridium system. Personally, I was amazed that the radar system functioned straight away without any kind of settings or changes, even from my Siemens GSM mobile phone. I only had to plug the 9-pole sub-D cable of my mobile into the output of the MT-VisionAir and press RADAR/ON in the MT menu. In future I’ll be able to update my MET flight preparations before take-off at the lower mobile network rate."

Gerhard-Michael Decius, Aircraft: Malibu Mirage, subject: MT-BlitzPlan

"Flight from Zagreb to Bielefeld, FL 260. The self made flightplan with CFMU validation was not the best and the departure time no longer convenient. So I went to the AIS „officer“ at the airport in order to change the plan - but this time in a different way than before.  An unfriendly person in the AIS office agreed to cancel my existing flightplan and was visibly pleased when I told him that I would not bother him with filing a new flight plan. I was placed at a PC with internet access and off we go:

login with MT ca. 30 sec.
inserting data for the flight ca. 1 min.
valid route appears after ca. 10 sec., (good route, almost direct)
activate route and waiting for acknowledgement ca. 30 sec.

Then my inner celebration: I ask the officer if he can have a look in his PC if my flightplan is available. I will never forget this stunned view of the man in his monitor and the answer: „Yes Sir, your  flight plan is available, no slot.“

I thank him friendly and disappear before he wants to know how this can be what actually is not allowed to be. The flight proceeds exact as blitz-planned."

Holger Zeller, Aircraft: Malibu DLX, subject: MT-Satellite Radar

"I often fly my Malibu DLX to Liège (Belgium). The MT-Satellite radar was a great help on the flight from Straubing via Aachen: I was able to plan a route between the weather fronts. I prefer to view the weather in dedicated mode (chart faded out), it gives me a precise overview of the intensity of the areas of precipitation in various colours.” “For flight preparation I always take my Moving Terrain home with me."

Zeller was one of the very first Moving Terrain customers and since then he has witnessed all innovations in Moving Terrain products. Next Zeller wants to upgrade his Moving Terrain with the new, high-contrast and brighter monitor.

Steffen Keppler, Aircraft: Malibu DLX, subject: versatility of the MT-VisionAir

Steffen Keppler: Moving Terrain customer "The versatility of Moving Terrain is unique. When I fly, I never fail to connect MT TCAS. That only makes sense, it’s always a surprise to me how dangerously close traffic already is when I see it. Also the superimposition of TAWS data on the approach charts, particularly for night flights or VFR approaches in bad weather, is extremely helpful. But the biggest advantage for me is in the cancellation of IFR rules and the start of visual flight rules. The activated ICAO chart not only shows you your position at a glance, it also provides important information by superimposing VFR entry points and frequencies. In connection with the infobox I can orientate myself intuitively without ‘studying’ the instrument – For changing the flight rules VFR/IFR and vice versa there is nothing comparable."

Steffen Keppler is ATP with over 1500 flying hours

Kaiser LTB, Mr. Kaiser, subject: MT-Satellite Radar

Kaiser LTB"Since mid-2003 we have installed MT satellite radar systems for various customers, mainly in Piper Malibus. There were teething problems when the distance of approx. 130 cm could not be observed between the Iridium (inside) antenna and the nearest GPS antenna. In consultation with the manufacturer we then used the outside antenna and achieved very good results. As far as we know, our customers have been flying without a problem and greatly value the practical benefits for flying."

Peter Malin, Aircraft: Cirrus, subject: MT-Satellite Radar

Peter Malin: Moving Terrain customerPeter Malin is Managing Director of LTW Lagertechnik GmbH in Wolfurt, Austria, and equipped his Cirrus and Cessna 303 with our Moving Terrain system. Malin was one of the first to enjoy the advantages of MT Satellite Radar and kept us up to date on the system with feedback. Flight preparation with MT Satellite Radar is a high priority for him. So he plans his flight route between the weather fronts depending on the weather conditions.

Martin Jamer, Aircraft: Citation Jet, subject: versatility of the MT-VisionAir

Martin Jamer: Moving Terrain customer "The MT is really great in operating it – I never needed the instruction manual. Similar devices by other manufacturers are much more difficult to handle. Moving Terrain is a clear plus in terms of safety. Complex information is summarized on a display in graphic form. A spatial synopsis of the situation on takeoff and possible re-landing is substantially simplified. I also benefit from MFD during cruising: with the on-track chart as a source of information I can always respond quickly and competently to passengers’ questions, e.g. which mountain or lake we are flying over. The excellent display with high resolution is really fantastic."

Martin Jamer is a commercial pilot with over 2,000 hours of flying experience.

Uwe Jertrum, Aircraft: EC 130 B4, subject: MT-Satellite Radar

"We recently installed MT-Satellite radar in our helicopter and are using it with a GSM mobile. Although we have not experienced bad weather since then, I can report that the weather download with the GSM mobile in Switzerland at operational heights below 10,000 feet works exceedingly well."

Max Feiner, Aircraft: EC120, subject: MT-Satellite Radar

Max Feiner: Moving Terrain customer "On a bad weather flight to Kassel we were able to see precisely where the weather fronts were located and accurately found a route between the fronts, ensuring that we arrived safely. A great feature is e.g. the speed indicator in the FMS window which can be very helpful when you need to save time."

Max Feiner, former Bundeswehr helicopter test pilot, flies an EC120 for a company in Southern Germany.