Our Philosophy

Maximum Ergonomics

Ergonomics in aviation means that certain actions may be taken easily and comfortably.

However, the pilot will not benefit from an ergonomic cockpit if complex processes are behind each ergonomic switch. An easily reachable switch should trigger a clearly defined function. A minimum of ambiguities or choices should be made.

If a stress situation occurs during the flight the pilot should not have to deal with numerous options for the operation of switches.

Moving Terrain pursues the philosophy of true ergonomics in the cockpit: a brilliant display (optional with touchscreen) with real keys without knobs for letters. Moving Terrain eliminated all button combinations which needed explanations in pilot training sessions.

Moving Terrain – ergonomics not only in the design but also in its operation.

The Layer Technology

Everything at a glance

At the Multi Function Display all important information for the pilot is arranged in a self-explanatory design.

You won´t need toLayer Technikstruggle to gather all data from the cockpit any more.

At a glance you will see all pertinent information with respect to your position.

With the layer technology you can display or disengage data quickly. Display exactly what is

relevant for your current flight situation.